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Delphi Custom Development

The Pascal Institute -

Delphi Development Expertise

Our company is able to undertake Delphi projects development missions:
  • metting the user, sorting the priorities, defining the needs, writing requirement contracts
  • analysis, conception, modeling, prototyping, test plans and validation of your specifications
  • writing the project code, testing the application
  • writing the user documentation
  • installation, déployment and user training
  • maintenance and project evolution

Business and Database Applications

  • business projects (inventory, order processing, invoicing, accounting, time management)
  • applications using databases: Oracle, Sql Server, My Sql, InterBase, Firebird, Paradox, dBase, As400
  • local architecture, multi-tier, distributed objects, web enabled applications
  • building utility programs, bridges between software, espectially toward Office (Excel, Word, Outlook)

Project Migration and Maintenance

  • migrating between Delphi versions (for instance from Delphi 5 to Delphi 2006), or from Delphi Win32 to Delphi for .Net)
  • migration betwen Sql Engines (from Sql Server to InterBase, InterBase to FireBird ...)
  • BDE to Ado, BDE to Firebird, BDE to Unidac migrations
  • Model View separation
  • installation of Unit Tests
  • rewriting of legacy code - software reengineering
  • web applications: CGI-Isapi, ASP.NET, Intraweb
  • translations between languages: C, C++, Java, Fortran - automated translation tools

Conception and Creation of Web Sites

  • building Web sites: company catalogue, product presentation, e-commerce, user managed portals, email management, log analysis, in-line databases
  • domain reservation, Google referencing
  • HTML, XML, HTTP, FTP techniques, CGI or ISAPI scripts, Asp Net

Consulting and Developement Help

Felix COLIBRI also serves as a Delphi Consultant and will directly come to your site in order to isolate or fix problems:
  • project audit, developer team evaluation
  • on-site development help
  • creating custom Delphi components
  • consulting in the areas of communications, statistics handling, instrumentation, compilers and interpreters
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