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Delphi Migration - Felix J COLIBRI

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We provide Delphi migration services to upgrade existing project, increase their functionalities or adapt them to better suited technologies.

Among the most frequent migration jobs : :

  • migrating to a new Delphi version, like
    • Delphi 5, Delphi 6, Delphi 7, Delphi 2007, Delphi 2009, Delphi 2010, Delphi XE, Delphi XE2. For instance the Delphi 7 to Delphi XE migration requires changes to the code to adapt it to the Unicode strings introduced with Delphi 2009
    • migration to 64 bits Windows (Delphi XE2)
    • FireMonkey migration (Delphi XE2) to replace the graphic VCL composants (tEdit) with the new FireMonkey components
  • Unicode migration : Delphi 2009 introduced Unicode Strings as default string type across the board, which requires some code changes (data types, statements, units).
  • DataBase migration
    • from "Desktop" bases (dBase, Paradox, Access migration) to "true Sql Engine" databases (Oracle, Sql Serveur, Interbase / Firebird, MySql)
    • migration from one Sql Engine to another (Oracle migration, Sql Serveur migration, Interbase / Firebird migration, MySql migration)
  • Database access component migration :
    • BDE migration towards
      • Delphi Ado
      • Interbase Express (Ibx)
      • Unidac
      • Delphi dbExpress / DataSnap
      Since the BDE is officially deprecated since Delphi Xe7, this migration is even more necessary
    • Client Server migration towards multi tier database architecture
  • DevExpress tDx to tCx migration that every DevExpress user must perform because the tDx component set had not been migrated to Unicode
  • Unit Test Implementation : training, support, installation of unit tests
  • migration from a Windows application to an Internet Web Service architecture
  • migration of Dos Turbo Pascal to Windows Delphi application
  • translations from other languages (C, C++, Java, Fortran) to Delphi

To perform those migration, we use
  • checklists or specific points
  • custom editors to detect and visualize the points requiring specific attention
  • automatic conversion tools for automating the conversion as much as possible
  • unit tests to check that the migration did not alter the application

Here are a couple of performed migrations:
  • BDE to Unidac - 15 days
    • customer project: a family of business applications (over 100.000 lines of code, Oracle, Delphi Xe2)
    • creation of a BDE to Unidac conversion tool, automatic generation of database unit tests
  • BDE to Firebird - 20 days
    • customer project : track maintenance using Access and Paradox components using BDE tTables BDE - Delphi 2009 - 20 units, 30 tables, "file mode" Paradox table management (copy, deletion, transfer of files between directories)
    • conversion of the disc files to the Firebird format - Creation of a library to transform the BDE tTable calls into Sql requests. Use of a replacement tool to replace the BDE calls
  • BDE to ADO - 85 days
    • customer project : Dealer Management System - Over 2.600 units, 1 million lines of code, over 15 different external libraries (Jcl, Jvcl, Tms, Sax, InfoPower) - Over 30 .DPR - Sql Serveur, Delphi 5, BDE with tQuery
    • construction of a build tool to automate the compilation and installation fo the libraries and the projects
    • creation of a conversion tool of the .PAS and .DFM files to transform the types, properties and BDE calls to their equivalent ADO Delphi Xe2 version
  • Data Conversion tool - 5 days
    • customer project : home appliance retailer order processing system
    • generic Paradox / Firebird conversion utility to include in the customer product

We offer services ranging from audit, advice and support, on site or internet conversion, up to testing of the result.

You may contact us at

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