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Delphi Evangelist - Felix John COLIBRI.

Embarcadero Community Evangelist

Embarcadero included me last Friday (July 27 2012) in their Evangelist Program :


I will therefore gain access to some information about the comming products as well as additional material and demos.

This certainly will be very helpful to prepare the articles about the coming Delphi Xe3. Last year around mid August I had to navigate the Web to glean some information which enabled me to present the first Xe2 article which was quickly followed once I had put my hands on the actual Delphi Xe2 version by 9 more in depth presentations about FireMonkey, styles and animations, 64 bits compilation and LiveBindings. Thanks to the Evangelist program, this will now be much more easy, and I very much thank Embarcadero for this.

There are naturally some conditions to being part of the program, like

  • placing a logon on my site (above, and on the "menu pane")
  • publishing articles and blogs about Delphi

There are right now 43 more famous Dephi Developers in this program. The program will be officially announced shortly (talking about the program was allowed, of course)

Xe2 Articles

In fact, like Mr Jourdain, I already was some kind of Evangelist. For instance, here is the list of my Delphi Xe2 articles:
  • FireMonkey Style Explorer : create tFmxObjects from their class name, create their default style, display their child style herarchy in a tTreeView, present each style element in an Object Inspector which can be used to change the property values.
  • Simple FireMonkey Object Inspector : building a FireMonkey Object Inspector which presents the components of the Form and displays their property names an values and allows the user to modify them at runtime. Comments about our first FireMonkey project.
  • FireMonkey Architecture : the basic tComponent <- tFmxObject <- Fmx.tControl <- tStyledControl hierarchy. Firemonkey UML Class diagram, and short feature description.
  • FireMonkey Styles : changing styles for all or for some components, the Style Designer, content of a .STYLE file, setting then StyleLookup property, predefined styles.
  • FireMonkey Animations (in French) : selecting the property to animate, speed, interpoation type between start and end values, repetition, 3d animation. What's the best: Vcl or Firemonke ?

  • Delphi LiveBindings Spelunking : analysis of the architecture of the Delphi LiveBindings : how the tBindingExpression compiles a String expression to build an environment referencing objects which can be evaluated to fill component properties. Dump of the pseudo code and UML Class Diagram of the LiveBinding architecture
  • XE2 LiveBindings Delphi (in French) : LiveBindings will dynamically evaluate expressions between source and target component properties. The relation is defined as a String which allows great flexibility and is more general than the db_xxx VCL properties. Those LiveBindings will mainly used by FireMonkey, especially for handling databases

  • Delphi XE2 (Delphi 2012) (in French - 19 Aug 2011): first presentation of the coming Delphi XeE version, featuring 64 bit compilation and the new FireMonkey plateform which will allow application to run on Windows 32 bit, Windows 64 bit, Mac OsX and iOs mobile devices (iPhone, iPad etc), adding a much more modern look and feel.

  • Delphi XE2 DbExpress ODBC MySql Connection (in French ): How to setup an ODBC Connexion with the new DbExpress ODBC Delphi XE2 driver
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