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Here are some friendly links (ie sites with some reference to our own site):

  • DMOZ: the Web dictionary : the list of (some) Delphi Developper's home pages
  • Programmer's Heaven : many source codes, papers and links
  • Christian WOHLGEMUTH : a page of Delphi Design Patterns links
  • Central Iowa Delphi User Group : An active Delphi user group
  • Orange County Delphi User Group : another active Delphi user group
  • Rocksoft a Delphi component site
  • Delphi Pages has included a link to our site
  • ESB Consult a nice component site, has included a link to our page
  • DUGRSWiki:Links a Brasilian Delphi User Group. The first to mention our links page: "muitas referencias para Delphi". A long time that we noticed that Brasil had a strong Delphi community and we still record many visits to our Interbase pages.
  • Delphi Source, der Delphi Treff : the first who places our site at the same level as DelphiPages,, Scalabium etc. We had already mentioned this nice site in our valid_delphi_links page. Germany always had a strong Pascal, then Delphi community. And the home of the FPK (Free Pascal Compiler) project. Maybe because Niklaus WIRTH is from the german speaking part of Switzerland (and some of his books are in german). Also, when I worked as a sales rep for Hughes Aircraft in the apparel busines, I noticed that the german subsidiary was more independent from the headquarters than other European subsidiaries, and I assume this is caused by german law somehow. So I guess the Borland subsidiary must be more supportive to developers than other.
  • HABit software : Delphi programs and utilities, and a nice categorized link page
  • less2do Jim Mack wrote a nice comment about our site on the Orange County Delphi User Group forum. His company also sells time billing software.
  • Cornelius Concept : PicWiewer, Puzzle Helper, custom development and a link page. In addition, David Cornelius also heads the Oregon Delphi Useg Group, with meetings, presentations etc.
  • CapableObjects lighting fast reaction to our link request
  • Gnostice mentioned our article during their CodeRage III conference
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