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Delphi 2006 for .NET Course - Felix J COLIBRI.

The course's objectives

The purpose of this training course is to master the development of Windows applications using the .NET frameword with Delphi (Windows Forms and Web Forms), with special emphasis on ADO.NET database handling and building Web application using ASP.NET.

What you will learn

You will learn to:
  • use the new Delphi Development Interface to build .NET applications
  • control the Net environment, and to use the new bookshops and the classes of this environment
  • evaluate and use ADO.Net and other sciences management of data bases
  • use the data with format XML
  • create ASP.Net applications which will manage ADO.NET data bases
  • create and use services Web, in particular for third multi applications

Intended audience

Software developers and programmers wishing to build or integrate applications under Windows. No preliminary knowledge of Windows or Pascal are required.

Detailed content

  • The Environment
    • a unified environment for developping Delphi Win32 and C# Framework applications
      • the welcome page
      • the Wizards
      • Find in Files
      • Error management
    • debugging
      • the debuggers
      • watchpoints - logs
      • local variable handling
    • refactoring: renaming, declarations, extractions
      • history management
      • code navigation - bookmarks
      • block completion - live templates
  • .NET development
    • the Net environment: CLR (Common Language Runtime), CTS (Common Type System), FCL (FrameWork Class Library) CIL (Common Intermediate Language)
    • assemblies, the global cache, managed code, the garbage collector
    • Delphi new features (FOR... IN , NameSpaces, FCL events and delegates, nested types)
    • .NET programming
      • CLASS declarations, security attributes
      • collections, string handling
      • input/output files, Streams
      • threads
      • access to ActiveX components, COM interop
      • ListView, TreeView, DataGrid
  • Data Base Manaagement: ADO.NET
    • Ado.Net
      • access interfaces (Connection, Command, Reader, DataAdapter)
      • storage classes (DataSet, DataTable, DataRow, DataColumn, DataRelation, DataView, Constraints)
      • strongly typed transactions and DataSets
      • using Ado.Net (connections, the requests, calculated fields and aggregates, parameters)
      • update reconciliation
    • the Data Explorer and the Borland Dated Provider (BDP) - migration - stored procedures
    • providing resolution (DataSync and DataHub)
    • Remoting (RemoteServer and RemoteConnection)
    • writing reports
    • Enterprise Core Objects III (ECO III)
      • MDA, object persistence, OCL
      • the object cache
      • OCL Execution - Eco Action Language
      • extensions
    ASP.NET applications
    • HTTP - HTML: the tags - CGI and <FORM> basics - TABLE and absolute positionning
    • ASP.NET architecture
    • Internet Information Server (IIS) and Cassini
    • Delphi Asp.Net applications:
      • Web Form, HTML controls and Web Controls
      • handling events
      • FlowLayout and GridLayout
      • validation : Client validation and Server validation
      • state management (Client and Server)
      • handling multiple pages, redirection and transfer
      • debugging, logging and error pages
    • Asp.Net data base handling (Ado.Net, BDP) - the dbWeb components
    • Web Forms and ECO III
    • application deployment
  • UML Modeling
    • Object Analysis and Design
    • using the TOGETHER UML diagrams in Delphi
    • Design Patterns: presentation, using patterns, creating new patterns
    • project design and code generation
    • source analysis and documentation - quality assurance - code audit and metrics
  • Data Remoting, Web Services, SOAP
    • .NET Remoting
    • Web Services: creation, sending and updating data
    • DataSync and DataHub
    • handling XML data: definition, reading, writing, XML documents
    • Web Services - ECO III
  • Win32 applications migration
    • access to Win32 code from Net: DLL, DllImport, COM objects
    • porting full projects

Hands on exercises

Each participant will build several working applications. For instance:
  • reading, writing, and editing database information using ADO.NET
  • ASP.NET applications handling database data
  • creating of Web services

The teacher

The courses are exclusively presented by Felix COLIBRI. Author of more than 15 programming books and many papers and is a frequent speaker at the Delphi Conferences. Aside from training, he develops Delphi projects on a contractual basis. He has been teaching at the Pascal Institute since 1984, and personally trained more than 1.200 developers.


  • the duration of the training course is 5 days
    • location: the training courses are currently held in Paris, London, Munich. Courses can also be organized in other cities worldwide (United States, Australia, Brasil, Middle Eastern countries, Asia, Europe, ...)
      Custom trainings (subject, attendent level, dates) can also be arranged on customer premises
    • language: courses are held in English. Courses can optionally be held in French
    • the updated calendar presents the dates of the next scheduled sessions.
    • price: The price for 3 days is 2.680 Euros
    • special discounts (starting at 30 %) for groups (2 persons or more) or frequent customers

    • to register, please fill the Pre Registration Form

    • for more information, please contact us at
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