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Rad Studio 2007 Databases Training - Felix J COLIBRI.

The course's objectives

The purpose of this training course is to learn how to manage Windows data bases (Sql Server, Oracle, Interbase) using Rad Studio 2007 Win32 and for .Net

What you will learn

You will learn to:
  • quickly develop data base applications with Rad Studio
  • design relational data bases
  • write requests using the SQL language
  • build reports
  • develop Client / Server and Multi Tier business applications
  • read and write XML formated data

Intended audience

Software developers and programmers wishing to build data base applicaction for Window 32 or the .Net framework. A general knowledge of Delphi will be usefull. Prior development of data base applications is not required.

Detailed content

  • Rad Studio 2007 Database Management
    • overall architecture
    • the Data Explorer
    • the Active Query Builder
  • Using Dbx4 - DbExpress
    • the Dbx4 Driver layer
      • the connections and driver .INI files
      • the Delphi components
      • the new DbxClient
    • the new Blackfish Sql engine
    • the DbExpress components
      • the SqlConnection
      • the SqlDataSet component
      • the DataSetProvider and its parameters
      • the ClientDataset
      • multi-tier database development with DbExpress
  • Using Ado.Net Providers
    • ADO.NET architecture: Connection, Command, DataReader, DataAdapter, DataSet, DataTable, DataView, Bindings, DataGrid
    • Connection
      • the Connection component
      • the ConnectionString
      • the ConnectionEditor - testing the connection
    • reading data
      • the Command component - SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE requests
      • using the DataReader
      • strongly typed DataSets
      • parameterized queries (Data Explorer, design and runtime parameters)
    • displaying data
      • storage classes (DataSet, DataTable, DataRow, DataColumn, DataRelation, DataView, Constraints)
      • computed fields, aggregates, parameters
      • visual controls and data binding
      • saving in local files and restoration
      • stored procedures
    • Data Modification
      • transactions
      • transaction isolation (transisolation)
      • reconciling updates - handling exceptions
    • Asp.Net DataSource and DbxDataSource - DataBinding
  • Using the legacy access components with Rad Studio 2007
    • the BDE
    • Interbase Express
    • Ado
    • The Borland Data Provider
  • Writing Reports
    • QuickReport, Rave Report, Crystal Report
  • Internet Applications and Data bases
    • ASP.NET and ADO.NET Providers
    • handling XML data: definition, reading, writing
  • Migration
    • ADO.NET and Win32 applications

Hands on exercises

30% of the time is dedicated to hands on programming. Each participant will build several working Windows applications. For instance:
  • connecting visual controls to Database Tables
  • reading, writing and reconciliation using ADO.NET components
  • master detail display and update

The teacher

The courses are exclusively presented by Felix COLIBRI. Author of more than 15 programming books and many papers and is a frequent speaker at the Delphi Conferences. Aside from training, he develops Delphi projects on a contractual basis. He has been teaching at the Pascal Institute since 1984, and personally trained more than 1.200 developers.


  • length: this training lasts for 3 days
  • location: the training courses are currently held in Paris, London, Munich. Courses can also be organized in other cities worldwide (United States, Australia, Brasil, Middle Eastern countries, Asia, Europe, ...)
    Custom trainings (subject, attendent level, dates) can also be arranged on customer premises
  • language: courses are held in English. Courses can optionally be held in French
  • dates: the updated calendar presents the dates of the next scheduled sessions.
  • price: The price for 3 days is 1.680 Euros
  • special discounts (starting at 30 %) for groups (2 persons or more) or frequent customers

  • to register, please fill the Pre Registration Form

  • for more information, please contact us at
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