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Rave Reports Training - Felix J COLIBRI.

Building Reports using Rave Reports

Rave Reports is the most popular report building tool available with Delphi since Delphi 7. In addition to preview and printouts, Rave Reports also has the ability to generate .PDF, .RTF (Word) and even .HTML outputs

Rave Reports Training's objectives

The purpose of this training course is to present how to build reports about database Tables information or any datasource using Delphi code.

What you will learn

You will learn to:
  • master the Rave Designer tool
  • communicate between Delphi and the Designer
  • build tabular or single page reports
  • control the print order, use headers and footers, totals and bug totals, grouping, master detail relations
  • directly print reports from Delphi, or generate .PDF, .RTF or HTML files

Intended audience of the Rave Reports Course

Software developers and programmers wishing to build reports. A basic knowledge of Delphi is required.

Detailed content - Rave Reports Training

  • The First Report
    • the Delphi project, the Rave Designer, importing data from Delphi, building and previsualizing the report
  • Architecture
    • overall organisation
    • communications between Delphi and the Rave Designer
    • independent data import by the Rave Designer
    • the project / reports / pages structure
  • Rave Designer - The visual report design environment
    • the Inspector, the Palette, the Treeview, the design area
    • how to reorganize the printing order
    • global parameters
    • Rave Designer events - The Script language syntax
  • The Palette Components
    • drawing lines, shapes, bar code
    • headers, Sections, calculation components, page number, date
    • managing fonts. The FontMaster
  • DataBases
    • Delphi or Designer managed DataSet
    • the Region and its bands
    • the DataBand component
      • the BandStyle Editor
      • using Bands, setting the Controllerband
      • headers and footers
      • totals and sub-totals
    • CalcText and computing totals
    • calculated fields
    • master detail relations
      • using separate tDataSets :
        • MasterDataView, MasterKey, and DetailKey
        • using the Database Wizard
      • using joined Tables with GROUP BY clauses
    • Pre Initialized variables
    • propagating computations - CalcOp
  • Structuring the Report and Modularization
    • the Mirror property
    • global pages
    • DataMirrorSection
  • Multi Page Report
    • chaining pages: Page.GotoPage, Page.GotoMode
    • Report.PageList
    • single record page and DataCycle
  • Bitmaps and MetaFiles
    • loading the data
    • the image properties - FileLink, DataView / DataField, MatchSide
  • Memo and DataMemo
    • handling line breaks
    • building mailings
  • The Delphi Components
    • tRvProject, tRvSystem, tRvDatasetConnection
    • using Delphi code to build a report - The Rave Renderer routines
    • driving the report using GetReportList / GetReportCategory
    • direct output, inclusion of Rave in the .EXE file, pre visualization
    • user reports
    • deploying a reporting applications
  • Using Rave
    • generation of .PDF files, tRvRenderPdf
    • the .NDR file
    • printing reports using IntraWeb (VCL for the Web) - Web pages for downloading Rave generated .PDF files

Hands on exercises

Each participant will build several kind of reports using Rave. For instance:
  • master details reports with totals and subtotals
  • reports using joined tables
  • tabular or single record pages
  • reports directly generated from Delphi code

The teacher

The courses are exclusively presented by Felix COLIBRI. Author of more than 15 programming books and many papers and is a frequent speaker at the Delphi Conferences. Aside from training, he develops Delphi projects on a contractual basis. He has been teaching at the Pascal Institute since 1984, and personally trained more than 1.200 developers.


  • length: this training lasts for 2 days
  • location: the training courses are currently held in Paris, London, Munich. Courses can also be organized in other cities worldwide (United States, Australia, Brasil, Middle Eastern countries, Asia, Europe, ...)
    Custom trainings (subject, attendent level, dates) can also be arranged on customer premises
  • language: courses are held in English. Courses can optionally be held in French
  • dates: the updated calendar presents the dates of the next scheduled sessions.
  • price: The price for 2 days is 1.120 Euros
  • special discounts (starting at 30 %) for groups (2 persons or more) or frequent customers

  • to register, please fill the Pre Registration Form

  • for more information, please contact us at
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