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I nearly fell off my chair yesterday. Craig STUNTZ referenced our Turbo Delphi Interbase tutorial in his blog dated Dec 11 2006:

Here's a very detailed tutorial on the basics of writing an application which uses InterBase, WinForms, and Turbo Delphi for .NET, by Felix Colibri.

This is the first time EVER that one of the Delphi / Interbase Heavyweights mentions one of our articles, and in such nice words. The Web is such a one-sided world: you publish all kind of stuff, but get so little feed back. When I was writing books, or publishing magazines, I regularily had reader letters with criticisms, suggestions, and also congratulations. Sadly enough, that's not the case on the Web. A planet of lurkers. And the most ironical part is that I just do the same when I Google around for Delphi information. So this blog post was a real boost in the middle of a bad NNTP / SSL day. Many thanks to Craig.

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