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Here are some tools, with downloadable source code:

  • .Dfm binary to Txt converter : convert all the .DFM in binary format to their ASCII format
  • A .DFM Parser : this utility parses the Delphi .DFM file, building a tree representation, which is the first step for transforming the content of a tForm
  • The ColiGet Full Text Searcher : a nice utility allowing to find all the files in a directory satisfyig a request like:
        ( uml OR "design pattern" ) AND course
    The same thing as GoogleSearch with "+" and "-", but with a Pascal syntax
  • The DCCIL .BAT Generator : this tool generates a .BAT which can be used to compile your project with the DCCIL command line compiler. All relevant parameters are extracted from the .BDSOPT configuration file
  • The Delphi for .Net .BDSPROJ file : in this first part, we present the content of the .BDSPROJ configuration file for Delphi 7, Delphi 8 and Delphi 2005. The file is analyzed with a small Delphi .XML parser
  • Component to Code : generate the component creation and initialization code by analyzing the .DFM. Handy to avoid installing components on the Palette when examining new libraries
  • EXE DLL PE Explorer : presents and analyzes the content of .EXE and .DLL files. The starting point for extracting resources, spying .DLL function calls or injecting additional functionalities
  • the Alsacian Notation : using identifier prefixes like k_constant, t_type, g_global, l_local, p_parameter. Presentation, rationale and benefits.
  • Treeview .HTML Help Viewer : the use of a Treeview along with a WebBrowser to display .HTML files alows both structuring and ordering of the help topics
  • Cooking the Code : a source code filtering utility which removes unwanted rows, areas and comments. Complete with Unit Test.
  • Mouse and Keyboard Record and Playback : record and playback all mouse and keyboard messages : all windows messages are saved in a list (or a file) and can be replayed on the spot or later. A must for debugging VCL control creation or event logging. Includes a readable format which can be used for SendKey / SendClicks replays.
  • Colibri Hiragana Quiz : a quiz to accelerate the learning of the Japanese Hiragana alphabet. The user selects a subrange of the 46 characters, a random question is presented and the answer has to be selected among 3* 3 possible solutions. 3 versions: romaji to hiragana, hiragana to romaji, sound to hiragana. Success statistics are computed for each character.
  • Delphi String Filter: a filter used for selecting pathes and file names based on a simple AST interpreter of a simple boolean string expression
  • Directory Favorite List a tListBox allowing quick selection of the current tDirectoryListbox directory
Created: nov-04. Last updated: dec-2019 - 103 articles, 239 .ZIP sources, 1292 figures
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