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Here are some web application:

  • socket programming:
    • TCP IP Sniffer how to use PACKET.DLL to collect statistics and analyze the packets. This is the base debugging tool for any Socket developer. We also used it to ferret out some spyware that were living in our PCs
    • socket_programming : basic windows socket programming using the WinSoc API calls
    • delphi_socket_architecture : the organization of the ScktComp unit, with UML diagrams and a simple file transfer example

  • Internet programming :
    • simple_web_server : a simple HTTP Web Server and the corresponding HTTP web Browser, using our Client Server Socket library
    • simple_cgi_web_server : a simple CGI Web Server
    • cgi_database_browser : CGI extension in order to display and modify a Table using a Web Browser
    • whois : a Whois Client who requests information about owners of IP adresses. Works in batch mode.
    • web_downloader : a HTTP tool enabling to save on a local folder an HTML page with its associated images (.GIF, .JPEG, .PNG or other) for archieving or later off-line reading
    • web_spider : a Web Spider allowing to download all pages from a site, with custom or gui filtering and selection
    • RSS Reader : this projects lets you download and view the content of an .RSS feed (the entry point into somebody's blog) in a tMemo or a tTreeView. Comes complete with an .HTML downloader and an .XML parser. And, as ususal, the references and links to other Delphi tools and papers
    • news_message_tree : how to build a tree of the NNTP News Messages. The downloaded messages are displayed in tListBox by message thread (topic), and for each thread the messages are presented in a tTreeView
    • threaded_indy_news_reader : a NewsReader which presents the articles sorted by thread and in a logical hierarchical way. This is the basic Indy newsreader demo plus the tree organization of messages
    • Delphi Web Designer : a tiny Delphi "RAD Web Designer", which explains how the Delphi IDE can be used to generate .HTML pages using the Palette / Object Inspector / Form metaphor to layout the page content
    • Intraweb Architecture : the architecture of the Intraweb web site building tool. Explains how Delphi "rad html generator" work, and presents the CLASS organization (UML Class diagrams)
    • AJAX Tutorial : writing an AJAX web application. How AJAX works, using a JavaScript DOM parser, the Indy Web Server, requesting .XML data packets - Integrated development project

    • Bayesian Spam Filter : presentation and implementation of a spam elimination tool which uses Bayesian Filtering techniques
  • asp net development:
    • delphi_asp_net_portal_programming : presentation, architecture and programming of the Delphi Asp Net Portal. This is a Delphi version of the Microsoft ASP.NET Starter Kit Web Portal showcase. With detailed schemas and step by step presentation
    • cassini_spy : an ASP.NET utility displaying the content of the packet flowing between Internet Explorer and CASSINI
    • asp_net_log_file : a logging CLASS allowing to monitor the Asp.Net events, mainly used for undesrtanding, debugging and journaling Asp.Net Web applications
    • asp_net_viewstate_viewer : an ASP.NET utility displaying the content of the viewtate field which carries the request state between Internet Explorer and the IIS / CASSINI Servers
    • Asp.Net 2.0 Master Pages the new Asp.Net 2.0 allow us to define the page structure in a hierarchical way using Master Pages and Content Pages
    • Delphi Asp.Net 2.0 Databases : displaying and writing InterBase and Blackfish Sql data using Dbx4, Ado.Net Db and AdoDbxClient. Handling of ListBox and GridView with DataSource components
    • Asp.Net 2.0 Security: Users, Roles and Profiles : Asp.Net 2.0 offers a vaslty improved support for handling security: new Login Controls, and services for managing Users, grouping Users in Roles, and storing User preferences in Profiles
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