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Here are all the programmer's Rad Studio 2007 resources we could find on the Web. This page will be updated with the CodeRage II resources as soon as those will become available. We will also include any other resource you will tell us about (just send an e-mail to


Two essential new features: the Dbx4 driver layer (which unifies the DbExpress drivers and the Ado.Net drivers) and the Blackfish Sql database engine:
  • dbExpress / dbx4
    • dbExpress 4 development - Steve SHAUGHNESSY who heads the database development at CodeGear - [15-Sept-2007 - video SWF - 12 Mb]
    • Steve SHAUGNESSY's blog with several Dbx4 entries - Steve SHAUGHNESSY - [Sept-2007 - blog]
    • Delphi Dbx4 Programming : the new dbExpress 4 framework for RAD Studio 2007 : the configuration files, how to connect, read and write data, using tracing and pooling delegates and metadata handling. Also presents the new Active Query Builder - Felix COLIBRI - [17-Sep-2007 - paper+code - 208K, 6 demos]
  • Blackfish Sql

Asp.Net 2.0

The important feature is the ability to work with the new Asp.Net 2.0 features: Master and Content pages, security services, navigation controls, Ajax

Generics (Parametrized types)

How to use the new .Net 2.0 generics:
  • Parameterized types Alan BAUER - Codegear [12-Sept-2007 - .SWF video - 17 Mb ]
  • Highlander2 beta generics in delphi for .Net - Hallvard VASSBOTN - [Aug-2007 - Article]
  • Generics : Ray KONOPKA - CodeRage II - 2007 - .SWF Video, 17 MB, samples on Ray's site
  • Delphi Generics Tutorial - Felix COLIBRI - Using Generics (parameterized types) in Delphi : the type parameter and the type argument, application of generics to CLASSes, RECORDs, ARRAYs, procedural types, PROCEDURE OF OBJECT, methods, INTERFACEs. Constraints on INTERFACEs or CONSTRUCTORs. 200 K tutorial article - 12 complete examples.

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