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Editorial - Archive 2004 - 2005

  • here are a couple of Pascal / Delphi grammars in IEBNF format:
  • Oracle Links : a collection of Oracle Links, including pages with papers, presentations, code, scripts, tools, about programing techniques (transactions, sequence, monitoring etc).
  • Interbase Links : a collection of Interbase / Firebird pages with papers, presentations, code, scripts, tools, about programming techniques (transactions, generators etc)

  • Delphi Web Spider : a Web Spider allowing to download all pages from a site, with custom or GUI filtering and selection.
  • Web Downloader : an HTTP tool enabling to save on a local folder an HTML page with its associated images (.GIF, .JPEG, .PNG or other) for archieving or later off-line reading

  • Find Memo : a tMemo with "find first", "find next", "sort", "save" capabilities

  • Delphi 3D Designer : build a 3d volume list, display it in perspective and move the camera, the screen or the volumes with the mouse.

  • Whois : a Whois Client who requests information about owners of IP adresses. Works in batch mode.
  • CGI Database Browser : CGI extension which allow display and modification a of a Table using a Web Browser in a grid like fashion
  • Simple CGI Web Server : a simple CGI Web Server which handles HTML <FORM> requests, for debugging CGI Web Server extensions
  • Simple Web Server : a simple HTTP web Server and the corresponding HTTP web Browser, using our Client Server Socket library
  • The Delphi Socket architecture : the organization of the ScktComp CLASSes, with UML diagrams, and a simple Client Server file transfer example using tClientSocket and tServerSocket
  • Socket Programming : the simplest Client Server example of TCP / IP communication using Windows Sockets with Delphi

  • Stdin_StdOut : send and receive strings from a GUI application to a CONSOLE application calling Readln and Writeln. Necessary for building CGI web servers.
  • windows_environment : read and write Windows Environment strings. Used in CGI script programs

  • 1.360 Favicons / 27 Google links: since the start of the site in November 2004, over 1.000 visitors chose to add our site to their IE Browser's favorite links (as computed from the favicon.ico count in our IIServer logs). Would be nice if some of the 1.360 lurkers also added our URL to their "Delphi Links" page, to increase the dismaying 27 Google links ...

  • 1001 Delphi Links our list of Delphi links, sorted by category (database, XML, TCP/IP, scientific, multi-media, socket, reporting, accounting, jobs etc.), manually checked and mainly focusing on Delphi source code. The list is downloadable, with all the URLs

  • Database Reverse Engineering extracts the Database schema from an application's .DFMs
  • SQL Parser : a simple Parser for a subset of Interbase SQL instructions (SELECT, INSERT and UPDATE)
  • SQL to HTML : conversion of an ASCII SQL request in HTML format

  • .Dfm binary to Txt converter : convert all the .DFM in binary format to their ASCII format
  • A .DFM Parser : this utility parses the Delphi .DFM file, building a tree representation, which is the first step for transforming the content of a tForm

  • Friendly Links : we added a page of Delphi links

  • The ColiGet Full Text Searcher : a nice utility allowing to find all the files in a directory satisfyig a request like:
        ( uml OR "design pattern" ) AND course
    The same thing as GoogleSearch with "+" and "-", but with a Pascal syntax

  • Abstract Factory and Bridge Design Patterns : Delphi version of the Abstract Factory and Bridge patterns, as used in our Lexi Document Editor. Presentation of the patterns, with UML diagrams and full downloadable source code.

  • The DCCIL .BAT Generator : this tool generates a .BAT which can be used to compile your project with the DCCIL command line compiler. All relevant parameters are extracted from the .BDSOPT configuration file

  • The Delphi for .Net .BDSPROJ file : in this first part, we present the content of the .BDSPROJ configuration file for Delphi 7, Delphi 8 and Delphi 2005. The file is analyzed with a small Delphi .XML parser

  • The 23 Gof design patterns : the delphi code of the 23 samples from the book "Design Patterns" by Erich GAMMA, Richard HELM, Ralph JOHNSON et John VLISSIDES. Each pattern is in a separate .ZIP with complete source code.

  • The Lexi Editor : Delphi version of the Lexi Document Editor. A complete implementation of the mythical Design Pattern case study, with presentation, diagrams and source of Composite, Decorator, Iterator, Strategy, Visitor and Command, with full source code.

  • Here are the first papers for a start:
    • TCP IP Sniffer: a Delphi tool allowing you to analyze the content of all packets travelling on your network
    • Sniffing Interbase Traffic: using the previous tool, we compare the BDE and IbExpress traffic. The project builds the base and the test table, then the project simply uses the sniffing views to get both statistics and detailed packet content. To our surprise, the BDE wins heads down, because of a 30K overhead imported by Interbase Express.

  • At Long Last ! I have my own site !. The project was in the works since three years now, but I was always too busy with some customer projects or training sessions to sit down and build the pages. Your feed back is eagerly awaited, so feel free to send an e-mail at with any comment, criticism or suggestion.
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